June 26, 2017

Hull & Internal Treatment
Freshwater high pressure cleaning, chemical cleaning, underwater cleaning, grit blasting, hydro-blasting and internal blasting are part of the yard's daily work. Any kind of paint and anti-fouling can be applied. CDM's geographical position, out of the hurricane belt, offers an ideal climatologically condition for above mentioned treatments. Paint suppliers in Curacao are: Ameron, Chugogu, International, Hempel, Jotun, and Sigma Coatings.

Freshwater high pressure cleaning
• Mobile and Stationary Units. Pressure up to 350 kg cm2/5000 psi.
• Dockmaster 2500. Hull cleaning, derusting and cooling. Removal with automatic contourfollowing system. Water blasting system with vacuum and filter for waste recoveryry.

Chemical Cleaning

Chemicals available: Economics Laboratory ry Cleaning International Ltd., Gamlen, Kem, Magnus-Maritec, Peroline, Vecom.

Underwater Cleaning
Cleaning of submerged hull sections of vessels. This cleaning can take place while the ship is moored in the Schottegat, Caracasbay, Bullenbay or St. Michielsbay and even during loading and unloading. Cleaning is performed by automatic underwater cleaning equipment or with rotating nylon brushes handled by certified divers.

Tank Cleaning facilities
At the Refinery ry (opposite the shipyard) complete tank cleaning services are available. Vessels can discharge their slops at this pier at reasonable tariffs. This service should be arranged through the vessel's local agent.

Gritblasting is performed to all S.A. grades, both externally or internally.

In Place
• Mobile Units, Hoppers, Grit Silos
• Inter - and After - Coolers
• Vacuum Grit Removers
• Dehumidifying Equipment

Ballast Tank Treatment

For the treatment of ballast aft and fore peak tanks, Gritblasting the shipyard has developed an attractive all-inclusive package together with its subcontractor. . This package consists of de-scaling and removal of the mud and debris out of the tanks, water jetting to a DW2 standard and application of 2 layers of waterborne or epoxy coating. Since water jetting is possible in almost any condition, the treatment of the ballast tanks can also be performed while the vessel is on voyage.

All paint systems can be applied: Alkyd, Chlor, Rubber, Epoxy, Inorganic Zinc, Polyurethane SPC.

Anti-foulings and Vinyl
• Mobile airless Spray Units Pressure up to 300 kg cm2 / 4300 psi

Paint Supply
• Manufactured at Curacao: Marine Coating Services (MCS) Antilianse Verf Fabriek
• Supplied from Local Stocks: Amercoat, Ameron, Chugoku, Devoe, Farboil, Hempel, International, Jotun, Leigh's Sigma.

Cargo Tank Coating & Lining
Both hydro blasting and grit blasting (or combination Coating thereof) can be offered to meet all surface preparation standards. All paint systems recommended by the leading paint manufacturer's can be applied. The shipyard's equipment includes a state of the art, fully automated compressor station of 8 bar working pressure, water pressure units up to 40,000 psi / 2,500 bars, de-humidifiers, vacuum equipment, airless paint pumps and scaffolding for on- and offshore work.

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