June 26, 2017

All maintenance and reconditioning of switchboards, generators, motors and associated equipment of any size and capacity, as well as of related electronic equipment, can be undertaken. Some of this work is done in conjunction with an associated company. The Curaçao Drydock Company, Inc. is a full member of I.S.E.S. (International Ship Electric Service Association - London) and has access to a world-wide supply network for all spare parts.

Covered shop area:   1340 mz /14.400 sq. ft.
Cranes:   two 10 ton overhead cranes (additional lifting capacity by mobile crane)
Power supply:   0 - 220V D.C. up to 400 Amps
0 - 600V A.C. /150KVA - 3 phase - 50c/s (induction regulator)
0 - 600V A.C. /180KVA - phase - 60c/s (induction regulator)
Warehouse:   1600 m2 / 17.200 sq. ft., large stock of electrical materials

• Hydraulic machine for removing old windings
• Automatic coilwinding machines
• Bandaging machines
• Tape machines
• All kinds of winding moulds for armature and stator coils up to 6600V - 7000HP
• Static balancing rolls up to 400 kg / 880 lbs
• Dynamic balancing = maximum dimensions 750mmO x 1200mm, 700 kg (29 1/2"x 47", 1540 lbs)

• Automatic temperature controlled baking ovens up to 11 m3 / 338 ft3, 180°C / 356°F
• Vacuum impregnating installation
• Plastic spray installation

• Servicing of any make of airconditioning and refrigerating equipment
• Large stock of refrigerants and spare parts available

Fully equipped electrical shop with all necessary auxiliary equipment such as lathes, grinding machines, compressors, facing machines, band saws, column drilling machines, milling machines, hydraulic winches up to 50 tons and a gritblasting and sandblasting installation.

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