June 26, 2017

As part of the yard, PRS has over 45 years of experience in planning, managing and realizing ship repairs in the port of Willemstad/Curaçao, all other berth facilities in Curaçao, Off Port drifting and/or On Voyage in the Caribbean Sea, North-, Middle- and South America. Being fully incorporated in the CDM organization our strength lies in our combined team of skilled personnel including licensed manufacturer mechanics, steel workers, welders, pipe fitters and electricians and the usage of the yard's facilities. Today we are proud to provide you with a service team consisting of qualified personnel with extensive knowledge of ship repairing and holding manufacturers licensing certificates of most of the major companies. Next to that our aim is to offer a 24 hrs service 7 days a week and a world wide purchasing organization all year round to ensure a job professionally done from the first contact.

Different customer profiles demand different service products. The objective remains the same: Providing superior availability and flexibility of repairs independently from the docking cycle. This creates the environment in which a customer and PRS can concentrate on the business they are specialized in: Undisturbed revenue earning in shipping by the customer and servicing of repairs by PRS.

By combining resources in an appropriate package customers and PRS can reap the benefits of lower costs and around-the-clock repair availability.

We will respond to your request with a professional solution by offering above and below water line repair services, always facing the reduction of a vessel's downtime:


Hull and Tank treatment


Mechanical and Turbo Charger Repairs


Pipe Repairs


Repair of Electrical Instruments, Electric Motors/Generators


Repair of Hydraulic Devices and Hoses


Calibration of Pressure (0 to 2000 bar), Vacuum (-0.5 bar) and Temperature Gauges (0° to 600°C)


Steel Repairs

  •  Internal Cleaning of Accommodation/Deckhouse

Cleaning of Contaminated Decks during Voyage


Under Water Cofferdam Repairs


Under Water Stern Seal Repairs and Replacement


Under Water Hull Cleaning and Propeller Polishing/Repairs


Services on Life Saving Equipment e.g. Life rafts, Breathing Apparatus and Fire Extinguisher


Tugboat, Working Barges and Mobile Cranes up to 250 tons

  •  Mobile/Flying Squads for Inspections and Repairs “On Voyage”
or off port drifting Curaçao

Load tests of Cranes on and off shore

  Non Destructive Measurements
  Scaffolding on and off shore

Rental of Mobile Equipments such as Welding Machines and Air Compressors

And much more… so please do not hesitate to ask for repairs which are not mentioned in the list.

The Port Repair Services (PRS) are focusing on repairs in safe berth locations on the island of Curaçao independently from shipyard premises and facilities.

Curaçao is offering several safe berth locations in inner and outer waters.
Depending on the scope of repairs we are able to advise the customer and recommend the best repair location. Our good connection to the CPA (Curaçao Port Authority) assures the arrangement of the right spot for the right vessel.

•  Prins Hendrik Wharf (Draft: 10.4m, Length:211m)
•  Motet Wharf (Draft:10.4m, Length:211m)
•  Nieuwe Wharf (Draft: 10.1m, Length:170m)
•  Mathey Wharf (Draft: 9m, Length:198m)
•  Admiral Brion Wharf (Draft:10.2m, Length:305m)
•  Mega Criuse Terminal (Draft: 15m, Length:140m)
•  Caracas Bay (Draft:13.7m)
•  St. Michiel's Bay "Boca Sami" (Single Mooring Buoy, Depth: 39.6m)

As a result of our ability to offer extensive Port Repair Services in and around the port of Willemstad/Curaçao based on flexibility, effectiveness and efficiency, PRS holds a significant record of minor and major projects in the area of port repairs, short term planned or emergency/ad hoc repairs respectively trouble shooting.
Throughout the years PRS developed its capacity to carry out the repair of any type of ship ranging from small tug boats, over container vessels, car carrier, LPG-, LNG-, and Product Tanker, Bulk and Cement Carrier to Cruise Ships. Overview of vessel segments we service:


Tanker Repairs
Due to the main trade of crude oil between Venezuela and Curaçao and the trade of refined oil products from Curaçao to all over the world tanker owners are the biggest and most frequent customers.
When it comes to repair and conversion of oil, product, gas and chemical tankers PRS always put quality and professional service within an agreed time frame as high priority always considering the highest international safety standards in accordance to the policy of CDM and the local chemist.

Cruise Ships
Knowing the Cruise Ship Tourist market on Curaçao to be for the bigger part oscillatory (in winter between October and April) – with cruise ships most of the time anchoring / mooring at the islands “Megapier” less than 24 hours – PRS meets with its client's demands for the present by managing time- and cost- effective repair works. Small repairs such as rewinding of electric motors, the balancing of impeller or the calibration of pressure and temperature gauges will be carried out the same day or until the vessel is coming back to Willemstad . We are always exerted to meet our customer's requirements. From this year on we will offer additional repair and supply services for Cruise Vessel facilities, such as repairs of Cabin TV's and Lighting systems.

Navy Vessels
Over the years the Dutch, American and British Navy as well as the Dutch Coastguard have become a very valuable client to PRS with repair requests on a regular basis. This led to even more extensive knowledge within our team of qualified personnel for navy vessels. Frequently we offer barge and fender rental.

Small Craft Repairs
Repair Services mainly for tug and pilot boats but also for tourist and pleasure boats will be carried out the whole year without any restrictions.
Having ‘versatility' high in mind to meet own requirements, PRS provides quality repair services for tugs, barges and other specialized work boats.

Offshore Vessel
Cable Layer, Dredger, Offshore Supply Vessel, Semi Submergible Vessels- and Drilling Vessels are frequently requesting our Port Repair Services. Special projects such as the haulage, storage and forwarding of heavy gear such as winches (32 tons) can be arranged form nearly every location in Curaçao.

Furthermore PRS is also a renowned specialist in carrying out repairs for Container Vessel, Ferries, Car Carrier and Ro-Ro vessel.

The development of On Voyage repairs in 2004 was significant.
Especially LNG carrier and VLCC's on their trades between Trinidad and USA respectively Venezuela and Europe are using more and more our On Voyage services.
Prefabrication of material ashore, transport of material and labor for the on voyage installation guarantees the shortest downtime for these special vessels, which can loose up to US150.000,- per day off hire.

Large or small, your problem usually requires immediate attention. You need quality on-site repairs that are timely, cost effective, and meet all regulatory requirements.
PRS general's On Voyage Repair Services is specialized in bringing our skilled workforce directly to you. Twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, our Tiger Teams quickly mobilize to your location. We have portable welding gear and a full complement of tools. The Skipper from our tug boat “Antil V” will deliver all tools, material and labor, safe and fast to any off port location in Curaçao.

Our skilled craftsmen are experts in all marine disciplines including machinery, piping, structural steel, electrical, rigging, blasting and coating. They have decades of experience in solving a wide range of marine repair problems from small tugs and barges to large super tankers. Our work is performed to certified standards of all major international classification societies.

In need of our service? Please send us your request - in English, Dutch, and Spanish - using the contact information below. We will get back to you shortly after receiving your email, fax or letter:

Port Repair & On Voyage Services
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